2016-17 State Budget

Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond is disappointed with the 2016-17 State Budget as it fails to provide already struggling South Australians with much needed jobs and cost of living relief.

“Cost of living measures are lacking in this year’s State Budget, however the State Liberals have committed $360 million to provide South Australians with cost of living relief,” said Mr Pederick.

“South Australia is experiencing the nation’s highest unemployment rate sitting at 6.9%, with youth unemployment in our state hitting 13.5%.

“By 2016-17 the Treasury Department forecasts a 0.75% increase in employment, this is less than half the Federal Government’s prediction which is 1.8%.

“With no cost of living relief, the Weatherill Labor Government are increasing the Solid Waste Levy which will go from $62 per tonne to $103 per tonne by 2019-20.

“Another rise will consist of a $1 increase on all metro-ticket, taxi and chauffeur fares as well as any future services yet to come.

“The State Labor Government will also be introducing specific school fees for those holding a 457 visa, this fee will affect many throughout the Hammond Electorate.

“The charge will apply from Term 1 2017 for dependents of new visa holders who arrive on or after the 01st January 2017 and will extend to existing enrolments of children of current visa holders from Term 1 2018.

“A per annum indexed fee of $5,100 will be charged for primary students and a $6,100 fee for secondary students,” said Mr Pederick.

“The $500 million in which the State Government has committed to both government and non-government schools consists of two different funding options.

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