Coroner recommends Leila’s Lifeline

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick, is extremely pleased with the recommendation of Deputy State Coroner Anthony Schapel, who supports the establishment of Leila’s Lifeline.

“Miss Leila Baartse-Harkin tragically passed away after several trips to different hospitals failed to identify an internal injury she sustained as a result of a playground accident,” said Mr Pederick.

“After meeting with Leila’s mother, Edie, I introduced a motion to the State Parliament on 06th September last year, calling on the State Government to implement a patient escalation policy and for it to be named Leila’s Lifeline.

“I was honoured to be introducing this motion to Parliament and I commend Leila’s family for their courage and determination throughout this whole process.

“The motion received bipartisan support from the Government and Leila’s family have been persistently working with SA Health to see the implementation of Leila’s Lifeline.

“Recommendation 19 of the coronial findings states “I indicate that the Court specifically endorses this suggested recommendation and further recommends that the initiative and dedicated service be publicly described as Leila’s Lifeline,”

“I now call on the State Labor Government to implement this title so Leila’s name and memory can live on through the policy Leila’s Lifeline, and potentially provide others with a lifesaving second chance,” said Mr Pederick.

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