Mr PEDERICK: I rise to make a brief contribution in regard to the Dangerous Substances (LPG Cylinder Labelling) Amendment Bill. This bill has come about because of the tragic death of—


The SPEAKER: The member for Hammond might resume his seat for a moment. 

Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (11:14): I would have loved to make a—

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: The member for Hammond has the call.

Mr PEDERICK: I appreciate the so-called experts on the other side, and I might remind the opposition that I probably speak on more bills and make more contributions than anyone in this house, so to make any other reflection is just wrong.

The Hon. A. Koutsantonis: Without notes.

Mr PEDERICK: Yes, without notes as well. In regard to this bill, this very serious bill about LPG labelling, there are many complexities around it, many complexities the industry has been working through. It resulted in the very sad death of Mr Patrick Ryan. I know work is being done on putting valves on cylinders so huffing cannot happen but, sadly, because of the time taken up with the dissent motion and the wish for me and the government to see this proceed through the second reading, I will leave my comments there and wish this bill a speedy passage through the house.

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