Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (14:50): My question is to the Deputy Premier. How much of the $79.8 million disaster recovery funds, announced in last night's federal budget, will go to rehabilitation of the Lower Murray swamps and levee banks?

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE (Port Adelaide—Deputy Premier, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Minister for Defence and Space Industries, Minister for Climate, Environment and Water, Minister for Workforce and Population Strategy) (14:50): That is a matter still in discussion with Canberra, about the next stage of the levee restoration. We have already seen a significant—

Mr Whetstone: We did not take holidays.

The SPEAKER: The member for Chaffey!

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Members on my right!

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Member for Chaffey, I remind you that interjections are against the standing orders, and so is responding to them. So, those members on my right, again, keep a lid on it. Listen to the Deputy Premier in silence.

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE: Members will be aware that there was a significant amount of money put aside by both the state and federal governments to work on the next stage of levees. That recently went through the Public Works Committee and is being deployed at present to bring the levees up to the previous standard. There will be a longer-term project that will be required, and that is one which we will again be seeking funding from the federal government to support us to do, and so the fact that they have money allocated for disaster recovery is important, but we are still in those negotiations.

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