Federal funding for Murray Darling projects held up by SA Labor

The Weatherill Labor Government is the only state that has failed to negotiate a Project Agreement through the Federal Government’s Murray Darling Basin Economic Diversification Program, despite funding being announced in August 2013.

In Parliament this week, Liberal Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick, questioned the Weatherill Labor Government on when it would sign off on the 21 projects nominated for the Murray-Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program.

In response, Treasurer Koutsantonis stated:

“When negotiations are complete with the commonwealth we'll have an answer for the house.”

“Why has it taken the Weatherill Labor Government over a year to negotiate with the Federal Government?” asked Mr Pederick.

“All other states have managed to negotiate a Project Agreement – I don’t understand what is taking the Weatherill Labor Government so long.

“South Australia has been allocated $25 million for important projects by our Federal counterparts, but we still do not have a date as to when this funding will become available.

“Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock also has questions to answer about this delay.

“What action has he taken to speed up the process?

“This money is vital in assisting South Australian regional communities, but they are missing out because of the Weatherill Labor Government’s inaction.

“The State Liberals are concerned about South Australia’s regional economy and want this allocated funding delivered now.”

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