Finn’s Law fight continues

On Wednesday this week a group of Finn’s Law supporters walked from Crafers to Parliament House where Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond, joined them in a rally.

“The Statutes Amendment (Rights of Foster Parents and Guardians) Bill 2015 is a bill I re-introduced, which seeks to provide foster parents and guardians with more rights in relation to funeral arrangements if a child were to die in the care of a foster parent,” said Mr Pederick.

“This Bill makes available the opportunity for significant foster parents to be included on the death certificate of the foster child.

“A foster parent who provides a child with the loving presence of a family for essentially their whole life, deserve to be a part of the funeral, just like a biological parent would be.”

The walk for Finn’s Law was very successful, with the group receiving almost $300 in donations. This money will be donated to the Women’s and Children’s Intensive Care Unit, a place where Finn spent much of his time.

“I have written to the Attorney-General recently suggesting further ways the Bill could be amended to the satisfaction of the State Government,” said Mr Pederick.

“I will not stop pursuing the Government until this Bill is passed into legislation.”

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