Finn’s Law fight continues with the introduction of Bill into Parliament

Liberal Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick, has today re-introduced a Private Member’s Bill in State Parliament to amend the Statutes Amendment (Rights of Foster Parents and Guardians) Bill 2015.

The Bill, known as Finn’s Law, would give foster parents the option to be recognised on a death certificate if a child dies in their care and also give them the chance to be involved in funeral arrangements.

The current legislation states that only the biological parents are provided with the rights of the child including details such as reason for passing and funeral arrangements.

“If successful, there are approximately 1,800 foster parents who will gain new rights as a result of a campaign fought by Mrs Monica Perrett,” said Mr Pederick.

“This Bill is challenging because it breaks new ground, but I believe we as a Parliament should do the right thing by foster parents and foster children.

“I urge the Weatherill Labor Government to support the Statutes Amendment Rights of Foster Parents and Guardians Bill, giving foster parents and guardians the rights they deserve where applicable.

“I will continue to fight for Finn’s Law to become legislation,” said Mr Pederick.

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