Fruit Fly motion put to vote in Parliament

Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond spoke in parliament today in the hope to extend the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone and protect the Mypolonga region.

“Mypolonga is currently only regarded as a Fruit Fly Free area, unlike their neighbours in the Riverland who are in the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone”

“By not being included in this exclusion zone it means Mypolonga growers do not receive the same support. The are also has a higher risk of exposure and are often presented with difficulty when accessing other markets”

“The motion to extend the exclusion zone to the Mypolonga area received much support from other Members in the Liberal Party”

“The proposed extension to the fruit fly exclusion zone was not passed in the Parliament, but I will still continue to push the issue as the local Member”

“The Liberal Party can see the benefit this would have on the State and Australia as a whole and it is truly a shame that the opposition cannot.”

“This is just another example showing that the Weatherill Labor Government do not listen to the residents of this State.”

“By not extending the exclusion zone by a very minimal distance it is allowing the potential of an outbreak in the Mypolonga region.”

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to explain why it will not include Mypolonga in the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone, especially given that it is located on the back door of the Riverland”

“An outbreak could quite possibly make its way to the exclusion zone and decimate the label of a fruit fly free zone.

“And the only people to blame will be the Weatherill Labor Government”

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