Ms HUTCHESSON (Waite) (12:51): I move:

That this house—

(a) notes that 4 May 2022 was International Firefighters’ Day;

(b) remembers the firefighters who have lost their lives while serving our community;

(c) expresses condolences to the family and friends of Louise Hincks who tragically died in January this year while fighting a fire at Coles in the state’s South-East; and

(d) shows its support and appreciation for firefighters who put themselves at risk and work hard every day to protect our community.

Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (12:57): With the very short amount of time I have, I wish to support this motion saluting all firefighters. I also am a volunteer with the CFS, and I want to salute all the firefighters, whether they be in the MFS, the CFS or the farmers who come out with their farm fire units, who do take incredible risks. I saw it during the Yumali-Netherton fire, where several people got burnt, including my brother, who had a burn on his hand. Another bloke copped some fairly severe burns, but due to the valuable work at the burns unit and his wearing that tight suit for about 18 months he is coming very good and still able to run his property.

In the very short time I have, I certainly want to show my support for Louise Hincks and the valuable work she did with SAFECOM and as a leader in the CFS. My absolute condolences go to her family. It is not something that we expect to see—someone out fighting fires and losing their life—so I honour her sacrifice.

I note that the CFS Foundation has been raising funds for a memorial garden for Louise Hincks at the Happy Valley CFS. They have managed to secure a grant of $5,000 from the City of Onkaparinga to cover the costs of the project. There have also been donations of cherry blossom trees, a large memorial rock (which would be worth quite a bit) and some vouchers from Bunnings, but they still require over $17,000 to fund the earthworks for this much-needed memorial so that Louise can be remembered for time to come.

I would like to see Minister Szakacs and the Labor government step in and put that funding together. I think it is a small amount of money to make sure that we honour the memory of Louise Hincks at the Happy Valley CFS and also remember that sometimes people do not come home. Our firefighters from all across the state do such a marvellous job. Again, I think it would be a fitting tribute for Minister Szakacs and the Labor government to find those funds to make sure the memorial can be put in place so the Happy Valley CFS, her daughters, her husband and everyone else can pay their respects. With that, I support the motion.

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