International Nurses Day

Debate resumed.

Mr PEDERICK ( Hammond ) ( 12:52 ): I rise to support the motion:

That this house—

(a) celebrates International Nurses Day held annually, and this year on 12 May;

(b) acknowledges this year's theme , 'Nursing : A Voice to Lead—Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals';

(c) commends the leadership of the profession in the evolution of new frontiers for nursing and midwifery in advancing practice; and

(d) thanks South Australian nurses for their dedication to the advancement of all South Australian's health.

In respect of the time, I will not be long because I know other people wish to speak. Nurses are with us from the time we are born, throughout our lives when we need medical assistance and then when we leave this Earth. They are part of our lives forever and they give that care, as I said, from birth until it is time for us to leave. They face many challenging situations throughout that time and they witness things that many of us would not wish to witness. I am very thankful for their support throughout our whole lifetime.

I remember that, when my eldest son was born some 16 years ago, I happened to be giving my wife a comforting hug on her bed a couple of days after Mack was born and all of a sudden the door burst open and three or four nurses burst in. I said, 'Wow, what have I done?' What I had done was sit on the button. Evidently, if it rings three times, that is the terror alert and they just roll up. I must say that the reaction was fantastic. I thought I had done something terribly wrong.


The Hon. A. Piccolo: You have done worse since.

Mr PEDERICK: I have never had four nurses come to me so quickly before or since. What I will say is that it shows that the system works. It shows that they care and it shows their dedication to their occupation. I thank you all for it.

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