Labor’s training reform to have negative effect on RTO’s

The proposed Training Reform announced by the Weatherill Labor Government will have a negative effect on Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), according to Liberal Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick.

“Registered Training Organisations play a huge part in delivering quality training across the State. Many organisations are stressing to the South Australian Government that removing access to accredited training could spell the end of their businesses,” said Liberal Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick.

Christine Willersdorf has created her business, Elicit Success, by providing quality accredited and non-accredited training to hundreds of residents of the Murraylands.

“Under the changes, local dedicated training providers will no longer have the option to provide accredited training in the Murraylands,” said Mrs Willersdorf.

“Whilst partnering with DOME, in the last two years I have delivered a quarter of a million dollars worth of training with amazing outcomes in the Murraylands. The courses delivered vary from Certificate II to Certificate IV.

“Elicit Success must now rely completely on non-accredited training. I will also have to provide my training services interstate and I will no longer be able to support my local community by hiring contractors, training rooms and supplies.”

Along with many others, Caroline Graham, who provides agricultural training through her business, Regional Skills Training, expressed her concerns with the reform

“The Government needs to do a big rethink. The Minister needs to be fully and properly and truthfully informed so that she can make an honest and fair decision for all of the regions and all of the providers equally,” said Mrs Graham.

“The people of South Australia are constantly disappointed with decisions like this one from the Weatherill Labor Government,” said Mr Pederick.

“The State Liberals believe in opportunity and choice, but clearly these are two things the Weatherill Labor Government does not believe in.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to start listening to South Australians.”

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