Leila’s Lifeline passed through Parliament

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick today introduced a motion urging the State Government and the Minister for Health to implement a patient escalation policy with the inclusion of a medical intervention phone number, titled Leila’s Lifeline.

“I have introduced this motion to fulfil the wishes of Leila’s mother Edie, father Ricky and family and to also honour the life of little Leila,” said Mr Pederick

“Leila Baartse-Harkin tragically passed away just 48 hours after a playground accident, she was misdiagnosed by examining hospitals on several occasions and her final cause of death was a perforated bowel.

“This motion was introduced with the idea the policy would have similar structures to those in Ryan’s Rule, which is a patient escalation policy in Queensland.

“Ryan Saunders was a young boy who tragically passed away at three years of age, his death was found to be, in all likelihood preventable.

“Many other States throughout Australia and the world for that matter have implemented policies which pose a similar comparison to Ryan’s Rule which works on a three step escalation process, with the final step being an intervention phone number.

“The motion to implement Leila’s Lifeline within the South Australian health system has today been unanimously supported by the State Parliament and myself and the Harkin family will be advocating to see this policy available in hospitals and health clinics in the future.

“Parents and family often know when something is wrong with a loved one and they deserve the right to be heard as they could be providing those ill with a lifesaving second chance and this is what Leila’s Lifeline seeks to do.

“I was advised by Leila’s parents that Leila was a young girl who had a passion for helping others, Leila’s Lifeline is initiated to help those in need and will be a great way of honouring her legacy,

“I hope that Leila can live on through this policy, Leila’s Lifeline,” said Mr Pederick.

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