Letter to the Editor: Round 39 Active Club Program

As the Member for Hammond, I wish to advise all sports and active recreation clubs that Round 39 of the Active Club Program has opened and encourage you to consider applying for the grants available under the Program.

The Active Club Program provides financial assistance to sport and active recreation organisations to strengthen and sustain these important community organisations.

Sport and active recreation clubs that meet eligibility criteria can apply for up to $5000 for program and equipment grants such as:

  • sports equipment;
  • uniforms;
  • ground maintenance equipment;
  • club development planning/programs;
  • medical training and equipment;
  • coach/official training and development;
  • volunteer management and training;
  • hardship subsidies; and
  • club promotion.

The Community, Recreation and Sport Facilities Program is also now available, offering categories of funding including Facility Planning Projects and Facility Development Projects.

Recreation and sporting clubs play a vital role in the community and provide social, health and lifestyle benefits. I encourage all eligible sporting and recreation clubs to apply to this Program.

For further information visit www.ors.sa.gov.au or contact (08) 7424 7708 with applications closing for both programs on Monday 20 April 2015.

If you have any difficulties in accessing the Active Club Program please don’t hesitate to contact my office for assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Member for Hammond
Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
Parliamentary Secretary for Forests
Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development
Chair, Regional Affairs Committee

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