Liberal’s Water Policy to support irrigators

Liberal Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick is very pleased with the water allocation policy recently announced by the Marshall Liberal Team.

“This policy shows the transparency of an elected Liberal Government and provides an indication to irrigators throughout South Australia that the State Liberals support our regions,” said Mr Pederick.

“The water policy will provide irrigators with greater perception and knowledge on potential water allocations and is presently being utilised in other states such as New South Wales and Victoria.

“If elected in 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will provide probable scenarios to water licence holders throughout the State allowing an insight into potential allocations, unlike Minister Hunter who does not allow for informed decision making.

“The State Labor Government are failing our regions and we need to ensure the long-term winners in the agriculture sector are considered and not left uninformed, especially in light of the fact the opening minimum water allocation in July this year was at 36%.

“These resources are supporting the livelihoods of irrigators and this policy allows them to have the knowledge to make more informed decisions when forward planning.

“A State Liberal Government will support all those who live in South Australia and that includes the regions,” said Mr Pederick.

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