Liberals promise ‘Royalties for the Regions’

If elected in March 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will establish a Regional Roads and Infrastructure Fund (RRIF) by quarantining 30 per cent of mining royalty revenue.

The RRIF will deliver $750 million for critical regional roads and infrastructure upgrades over the next ten years based on current projected royalty revenue.

“South Australia’s regions form the backbone of our economy and the Liberals will ensure our regions get their fair share,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The State Liberals will increase funding for regional road upgrades and other critical infrastructure such as mobile phone towers to address blackspots that will increase productivity, grow our economy and create much needed jobs.

“A Liberal Government will deliver royalties for our regions and secure long term funding for our regional infrastructure.

“For too long this city-centric Weatherill Government has failed to adequately invest in crucial regional infrastructure and key regional services.

“The Weatherill Labor Government has continually slashed speed limits on our regional roads instead of investing in upgrading our regional roads and making them safer.

“Anyone who has travelled around our state will know that many of our major regional roads just aren’t up to scratch.

“The State Liberals know how important our regions are to the future prosperity of our state.

“That’s why we’re investing in the critical roads and infrastructure that will make our regional businesses more efficient which will grow our regional economies, grow our exports and importantly create much needed jobs.

“Investing in road and infrastructure upgrades will also make our roads safer for the hundreds of thousands of South Australians who travel on our regional roads every day.”

The Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick said the local community had been calling for additional investment in critical regional roads infrastructure and would welcome today’s announcement.

“There are a number of roads in the Murraylands and Mallee that are in desperate need of being upgraded, such as parts of the Mallee Highway and Ridley Road,” said Mr Pederick.

“Thousands of locals use our regional roads every day to get to work or to access necessary health and education services.

“That’s why this announcement is great news for those living in the Murraylands and Mallee. By upgrading our country roads it will make our community safer and cut the time spent travelling on our roads.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will deliver for regional South Australia.”

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