Lifting of GM moratorium gives farmers a choice

The Marshall Liberal Government has this week announced its decision to lift the current moratorium on genetically modified (GM) Food Crops.

After appointing Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson AC to undertake a high level independent review and conducting public and industry consultation, the State Government has announced it will lift the moratorium on growing GM Food Crops in all parts of mainland South Australia. However, the moratorium will remain on Kangaroo Island.

The Anderson Review undertaken in late 2018, and the subsequent report released in February 2019, found the moratorium had cost South Australian grain farmers at least $33 million since 2004 and will cost growers at least another $5 million if extended to 2025.

A statutory six-week consultation is now open on amendments to the regulations to lift the moratorium on growing GM Food Crops in all parts of the state, except Kangaroo Island.

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick MP is excited by this announcement and the prospects it brings.

“I welcome the lifting of the GM moratorium which will greatly expand the choices to SA farmers and will also fully capitalise on research opportunities at the Waite Research Facility through the full utilisation of the plant accelerator.

This opens up potential for the use of drought and salt tolerant varieties into the future,” Mr Pederick said.

As part of the statutory six-week consultation process, formal written submissions will be accepted and two public meetings will be held, one in Adelaide and another on Kangaroo Island. All submission will be made public on this website:

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