Mallee Rail Trains have reached the end of the line.

The speculation and future of the Mallee train has been uncertain since 2014, it is now confirmed that the lines are coming to an unfortunate end.

“After servicing the Mallee for over a century, it is disappointing to see that the last commercial user of the line will be transferring to road transport to move grain from the Mallee region as of August 1st”

“It is disheartening that this looks like the end of the line for the Mallee rail lines which have been carrying freight from Loxton, Pinnaroo, Lameroo and Karoonda”

“This transference will result in higher traffic rate on the Mallee Highway. Transporters need to safely navigate their way to the required destination. It is now the responsibility of the State Government to ensure that more work like shoulder sealing and over-taking lanes are constructed on the Mallee Highway”

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