Milang Medical Clinic

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick, met with over 60 concerned residents of Milang and surrounding communities, after being informed of the imminent closure of the Milang Medical Clinic.

“Milang and surrounding regions have had the opportunity to seek medical assistance within their own community for some 80 years, consequently the closure of the Milang Medical Clinic has caused a great amount of concern for the community,” said Mr Pederick.

“It was evident from the significant amount of attendees at the community forum held Tuesday 13th June, the great opposition to the closure of the Medical Clinic and how important having local medical services is to the community.

“From my understanding the decision to cease operation at Milang was a business related choice. However, I am seeking to reduce the impact of this closure or prevent it completely, and together with the community I am investigating all options.

“To assist the community in identifying a solution, I wrote to the Minster for Health on Friday 09th June. In addition to this, I will also be seeking meetings with the Minster for Health, the Strath Medical Clinic (currently serving Milang) and I will also make contact with relevant clinics in the area to discuss other potential options.

“I am committed to advocating on behalf of the residents of Milang and surrounding regions and I will continue to keep the community informed of my progress with this matter,” said Mr Pederick.

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