Minnipa Centenaries

Mr PEDERICK ( Hammond ) ( 12:58 ): In the very brief time I have left, I would like to acknowledge the motion of the member for Flinders in regard to the centenary of the Minnipa Agricultural Centre and especially the part of the motion about its contribution to the state's reputation for innovation and leadership in the agricultural research centre. In the very limited time I have at this stage, I would like to say that governments need to fully recognise what agriculture does for this state, especially in regard to the Minnipa research centre, and not just pay lip service to it when the mining industry has had a little hiccup, as it has at the moment.

The research that goes on at this dryland research centre is invaluable not only for South Australian farmers but for Australian farmers as a whole as a dryland centre of excellence. I had one concern when I attended the field days—and I had the opportunity to be there at the centenary celebrations. I talked to some of the people involved with the centre regarding their concerns about how the farm was run by the department. I seek leave to continue my remarks.

Leave granted; debate adjourned.

Sitting suspended from 13:00 to 14:00.

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