Natural Resources: Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Region

Adjourned debate on motion of Hon. S.W. Key:

That the 100th report of the committee, entitled Kangaroo Island NRM Region Fact-Finding Visit, 5-7 November 2014, be noted.

(Continued from 18 March 2015.)

Mr PEDERICK ( Hammond ) ( 16:51 ): I rise to finalise my comments briefly on the 100th report of the Natural Resources Committee, entitled Kangaroo Island NRM Region Fact-Finding Visit. In closing with a couple of comments, I would like to commend the Natural Resources Committee for what it does in its regional visits, going around the whole state to look at what is going on with natural resources. That is why I found it most interesting that the Premier needed to actually write to the Natural Resources Committee so that they could at least do one regional visit when it is common knowledge that they do regional visits as part of their remit. That is their role and I commend the whole committee for doing that.

I certainly commend the committee for going over to Kangaroo Island and seeing what is happening over there with issues related to land use, weed management and the water management situation, as well as natural resources in all senses. As I said, I would like to commend the committee for their work in going around the state, looking at regions and seeing what is going on. As I indicated earlier today, I do not support the outrageous levy rises, but I do support the good work that this committee does in actually getting out there and having a look at what is going on.

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