New Townships Eligible for Japanese Encephalitis Virus Vaccine

Residents and those who work in and around the townships of Nalpa, Mulgundawa, Lake Plains and Finniss can now access the free Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV) vaccine. 

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick MP, was pleased to receive a written response from the Minister for Health and Wellbeing notifying that these localities would be added to the eligibility list.

"I had a few constituents in these areas contact me disappointed that they were left off the list of eligible postcodes, especially considering their proximity to Lake Alexandrina and the fact that many locals are in the agricultural or viticultural industry."

"My advocacy has led to SA Health expanding the eligibility to a selection of small, high-risk towns in Hammond and Finniss, and I am thrilled I was able to get this outcome," Mr Pederick said.

Mr Pederick wants to reiterate the importance of getting vaccinated against this potentially deadly virus following news of South Australia's first JEV case being detected in the Riverland a couple weeks ago.

"I would again like to encourage people who live and work in areas that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes to get vaccinated, use insect repellent and cover up, particularly as we start getting some warmer weather."

"There is no way to know if the mosquito that bites you is carrying the virus or if you will experience symptoms, so prevention is the best defence," Mr Pederick said.  

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  • Adrian Pederick