New Zealand Fur Seals continue to cause havoc

Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond is still strongly advocating for the State Labor Government and Minister Hunter to take serious action against the New Zealand Fur Seals which are wreaking havoc in the Lakes and Coorong.

“I reiterated the serious crisis which are facing the Lakes and Coorong during Estimates and again on 04th August in the State Parliament, this isn’t an issue that will just go away through being ignored,” said Mr Pederick.

“The New Zealand Fur Seals are not meant to be in the Coorong and Lakes, this is clear through the destruction which is being caused as a direct result of their presence.

“Fishermen’s livelihoods are being decimated by these seals and Ngarrindjeri totems and native birdlife in the area are experiencing their full force with their necks, beaks and stomachs being torn apart.

“However, on the contrary of the evidence found of dead pelicans and other native birdlife, Minister Hunter, during estimates did not hesitate to say there has been no evidence that the pelicans haven’t been killed from anything other than feral animals such as dogs, cats, etc.

“In fact, during estimates the Minister said not one bird has been killed by the New Zealand Fur Seals.

“From the Minister down a Sergeant Schultz approach (see nothing, hear nothing) is taken and they ignore the real issue facing the Coorong and Lakes, the New Zealand Fur Seals.

“The seriousness of this issue is increasing each day the Weatherill Labor Government and Minister Hunter don’t take real action.

“We have fishermen and their families struggling and Ngarrindjeri totems and native birdlife dying terrible ways, all of which is preventable.

“I urge people to sign my petition which calls on the State Government and Minister Hunter to immediately identify and implement an overabundant native species management plan and to include a sustainable harvest of the New Zealand Fur Seals.

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