Peace of mind for shack owners in Hammond

The State Liberals have introduced legislation to give lasting peace of mind to shack owners across the Hammond electorate.

If passed, the legislation will allow lessees of ‘life-lease’ shack sites to enter into permanent arrangements, fulfilling the State Liberal’s longstanding commitment to allowing South Australian shack owners to enjoy their properties for generations to come.

Currently, approximately 300 shack owners are in a situation where they will lose their homes when the last person on their lease dies.

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick said shack owners deserve certainty so generations of families and friends can continue to utilise their holiday properties.

“In Hammond, the tourism dollars generated by the spending of shack owners and their friends on a regular basis make an important contribution to the local economy,” said Mr Pederick.

“The State Government should be supporting shack owners to ensure families will continue to use these properties for years to come.

“As it stands under the Weatherill Labor Government, leases cannot be transferred or renewed and the Liberal’s proposed legislation gives shack owners greater autonomy and certainty.”

Shadow Minister for the Environment, David Speirs, is concerned that “South Australians holding ‘life-leases’ on their shacks have been kept in a constant state of uncertainty by the Weatherill Labor Government, who at the stroke of a pen can cancel the lease and all associated property rights”.

“This legislation also ensures these structures are upgraded to meet modern safety, amenity and environmental standards,” Mr Speirs said.

“Most importantly these legislative amendments will help preserve a historic piece of South Australia’s holiday culture for decades into the future, providing an affordable retreat for generations of families and friends and bringing in important tourism dollars to local towns,” Mr Pederick said.

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