Pederick motion puts Government on notice

State Liberal Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick has moved a Private Members Motion on the first day of Parliament calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to provide support and funding to the Murray Bridge Racing Club Gifford Hill Development.

The Gifford Hill Development, which has the continued support of the State Liberals’ and funding support from the Federal Government, faces uncertainty due to the Weatherill Labor Government’s neglect, according to Mr Pederick.

“Today, I have formally called on the Weatherill Labor Government to provide funding to assist the completion of the Gifford Hill Development,” said Mr Pederick.

“To date, the Weatherill Labor Government has failed to commit to the project – Premier Weatherill and Minister Brock must recognise the importance of this project to the Hammond Electorate, Murraylands region and South Australia.”

Mr Pederick moved that:

The House of Assembly urges the State Government to recognise the importance of the Murray Bridge Racing Club Gifford Hill Development and to achieve a policy that –

(A) Commits funding to enable the completion of the project;
(B) Supports the Murraylands community to grow jobs and enhance regional investment;
(C) Provides state-of-the-art facilities for thoroughbred racing in South Australia and supports a vital industry.

“The Gifford Hill Development will result in population growth, regional employment, housing and land development, and much needed economic activity in the Murraylands area,” said Mr Pederick.

“The project is important for the state-wide racing industry and additionally will enhance regional investment, grow tourism and provide significant economic flow-on effects for Murray Bridge and surrounding areas.

“The project is shovel-ready and deserves the support and recognition of the Weatherill Labor Government.

“The Gifford Hill Development remains a priority of mine and I will continue to highlight the importance of this project with Minister Brock and the Weatherill Labor Government.”

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