Public Works Committee: Penola Northern Bypass

Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (11:42): I rise to support this report by the Public Works Committee, which is the 21st report of the Public Works Committee, entitled Penola Northern Bypass. I would just like to acknowledge the work of both the former member for MacKillop and the current member for MacKillop in making sure that we complete this vital link. So, instead of just having the southern bypass, we will complete it with the northern bypass. It is certainly needed in a town that is on a busy freight route and in a very strong agricultural area.

The Hon. L.W.K. Bignell: With the kangaroos on the Wattle Range Road.

Mr PEDERICK: Yes, I have done that as well further down at Mount Burr. Certainly, in the time that I was shearing down there, around Lucindale, I spent a lot of time travelling in that area. It is vitally needed work, and I think this report shows the commitment this government has to regional South Australia, which has been let go for so long. We had a former Labor government for 16 years that just let the regions go, and I am just so pleased to see this commitment of funds and our recent announcement of $1.1 billion of road funding into South Australia, which is much needed. It is about making sure that we get as much done as possible knowing that there will always be more work to do.

I am really pleased that another regional resource contributes towards these road networks: as part of our policy on mining, 30 per cent of mining royalties goes into our regional road network. That means that somewhere around $78 million is going into that network this year. It is nice to see those funds being utilised in such a worthwhile project so that all communities can see the benefits offered by our regions, whether that is in the agriculture industry or the mining industry, albeit a little indirectly now, by offering roadwork projects such as the Northern Penola Bypass.

Mr CREGAN (Kavel) (11:45): I commend the report to the house.

Motion carried.

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