Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence

If elected in March 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will develop a personal protection mobile phone app to help protect victims of domestic violence in South Australia.

The Hammond Electorate continues to face challenges with domestic violence, with 25,000 reported instances of domestic violence across Australia last year.

The personal protection app will be modelled on the successful New South Wales “Aurora” app and will provide victims of domestic violence with a quick and discrete means of reaching emergency assistance if they are feeling threatened, plus comprehensive details on crisis accommodation and support. 

“We need to provide as much support as possible to help those in the community impacted by domestic violence,” said Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick.

“This discrete app will provide access to important information or request help for those women experiencing or at risk of domestic violence, and will be developed with consultation of the South Australian Police Force. 

“Domestic violence is a scourge on our community and we must do all we can to stamp it out. 

“The State Liberals don’t accept that domestic violence is so ingrained in our community and so many women fall victim to this disgusting behaviour every day.” 

Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety states one in six women in Australia experience domestic violence. 

“We will make it easier for women experiencing or at risk of domestic violence to access information and call for emergency support,” said Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman. 

“It can be very difficult for victims of domestic violence to reach out for help because they fear further retribution from their abusive partner.

“Women will be able to use this app to access basic information about what behaviour is considered domestic violence and links to support services, including emergency accommodation.

“It will also be a discrete and easy method for women to call for help, whether that be a friend or family member or the police in more serious instances. 

“Often the first item women grab when they are fleeing their home to escape domestic violence is their mobile phone, so having all this information in a phone app will make it easier for women to call for help and access information. 

“This will provide women and potential victims with the means to safely and quickly escape potentially dangerous or life threatening situations.”

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