Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (11:16): I rise to make a brief contribution and reiterate all the remarks by the member for Heysen and the member for Kavel, the Chair of the Public Works Committee, in regard to the report of the Public Works Committee, entitled Strathalbyn Residential Aged Care Facility Expansion. I note that I did look after Strathalbyn directly between the years of 2006 and 2010. As I understand it, I have something like 120 addresses attributed to Strathalbyn, so some of my people are obviously directly affected by this.

I reflect upon the comments by the member for Heysen and the shortsightedness of the previous Labor government of using the cover of upkeeping the Kalimna Hostel to the fire safety ratings, a hostel that was on community-owned land, fundraised land, and a community fundraised facility that had been stretched to cater for other needs as time went on.

It was outrageous that, with no consultation, people suddenly found themselves 80  or 100 kilometres away, whether it be, as has been said, at Mount Pleasant, Gumeracha or other places. These people were essentially pulled out of somewhere they called home. It is difficult for people to go into these facilities at the start, but over time—as I know from personal experience with my father—they do accept it as their home, and that is what they call it. It is their home, and just to be evicted ruthlessly like that is completely outrageous.

I commend the work of the member for Kavel and the member for Heysen. I acknowledge the community meeting that night in 2017 at Strathalbyn. Strathalbyn people are a very vocal and strong community, and there were about 300 people there that night. I also want to commend Mayor Keith Parkes and also the health minister, who was the shadow health minister at the time. I absolutely want to commend the work of the community and the working group, who made sure we got the right result. It has been expanded to 36 beds, which will be a real boon not just for the Strathalbyn township but for the area into the future. It is a fantastic result, lobbied and worked hard for by the local members. It is a fantastic result from the Marshall Liberal government.

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