Recovery Assistance Grants

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick is taking action to assist landowners affected by the November hailstorm.

“I am of the understanding there are recovery assistance grants of up to $10,000 for eligible primary producers in the Riverland who were impacted by the hailstorm which occurred in November,” said Mr Pederick.

“The grant appears to be targeted at Riverland residents; however, I have been contacted by residents in my electorate who also experienced significant damage as a result of this hailstorm.

“I can assure those affected outside the Riverland that I have made representation with PIRSA seeking further advice on the matter.

“I have also contacted the Minister directly to inform him of this issue and I am awaiting his response.

“It would be unfortunate to see those affected by the same circumstances as the Riverland to be ineligible for this grant,” said Mr Pederick.

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