Report into Domestic and Family Violence

An inquiry into domestic and family violence was recently conducted through the Social Development Committee, with the final report released on Wednesday 13th April.

“As part of the Social Development Committee, an inquiry into domestic and family violence was recently completed to better understand the nature and scope of domestic violence in South Australia,” said Mr Pederick.

“As the only regional MP on the committee, I wanted to ensure our regional communities were heard and provided the opportunity to present submissions.

“Throughout the consultation process we attended numerous hearings in regional areas, such as the Eyre Peninsula, Murraylands, Riverland and the South East. We also had presentations from residents from remote outback areas.

“A great deal of information was provided to the Committee, some of which was quite confronting.

“I appreciate all those who presented or made a submission to the committee as this evidence created the basis of our report and its recommendations.

“The final report details 35 recommendations, some of which push for communities across South Australia to have access to domestic violence services.

“Recommendation 18 requests support from the Premier to continue allocated funding to ensure the operation and expansion of the Multi Agency Protection Service (MAPS).

“Education is of high importance when preventing domestic violence, and Recommendation 3 seeks to develop national standards and curriculum in relation to gender equality and respectful relationships.

“Domestic and family violence in all forms is not acceptable and should not be tolerated in society.

“This is an extremely complex issue and I believe early childhood education and prevention and stronger crisis management systems are some of the key initiatives in confronting this most important matter.

“I say no to domestic violence,” said Mr Pederick.

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