Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (14:14): My question is to the Minister for Human Services. Can the minister outline whether any emergency accommodation is currently available to people who need to leave their homes due to high river flows and, if so, what are their options and how is this being communicated to the community?

The Hon. N.F. COOK: Thanks very much for the question. I believe that in part some of that was addressed by the Premier in his response. There have been a few things done to ensure people are made aware. One of those is that all the information that is out there for this particular emergency is being pulled together and centralised into one website, so people just need to go to sa.gov.au. At the top of that website, there is a yellow alert banner and people can click on that and that will take people to a very clearly spelt out, very well-articulated—

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Order! The minister has the call.

The Hon. N.F. COOK: There are a range of ways in which people have been communicated to. I am happy to go through them. There is the yellow alert banner on the website that people can go to, so they don't have to go searching if they are internet users. Other than that, the relief info line will provide people with information if they wish to make a phone call. That is 1800 302 787. Thirdly, we have the relief centre, which is now being set up in Berri.

Locals will be well aware of the senior citizens centre. That is where we now have a whole range of people providing information face to face for those who need additional explanation in that part of the Riverland. As I have been told, three people turned up there this morning for information and assistance.

As well as that, for many, many weeks now people have been out making contact via doorknocking and also making phone calls proactively to homes in that flood-mapping area to try to make contact with people. As you know, correct phone numbers aren't always available, so there is now a second layer going on as well that there is updated modelling with face-to-face doorknocking happening through areas where it's anticipated that there could be flood damage or inundation.

Through my department, through the regular channels, I have also asked for local areas' housing officers to reach out to tenants in public and community housing properties. As we know, those people often have a different level of vulnerability and an inability to seek support and assistance. They also, in many cases, don't have alternatives, so we have asked for direct communication through our department to go to those people as well to provide assistance.

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