Road Funding

In reply to Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (2 March 2017).

The Hon. S.C. MULLIGHAN (Lee —Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Minister for Housing and Urban Development):I have been provided with the following advice:

During the September storm events, the roads in the Langhorne Creek region experienced extensive flooding. The roads under the care and control of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure are the Belvidere/Milang Road and the Strathalbyn/Wellington Road.

At the time of the September storm events, and shortly after, approximately $50,000 was spent on:

  • Traffic management (road closures and detours)
  • Clean up works
  • Repair of water damaged road pavement
  • Repair of damaged road shoulders.

A further $30,000 road pavement repair works are planned to be completed on the Belvidere/Milang Road before the end of this financial year.

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