Road Standard of Mallee/Dukes Highways

Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond last week questioned the Minister for Transport on sections of the Mallee and Dukes Highways, which extend alongside the Tailem Bend Motorsport Park development.

“During the biggest harvest we have had in South Australia, the Department of Transport reconfigured intersections of the Tailem Bend Motorsport Park with the Mallee and Dukes Highways,” said Mr Pederick.

“Fresh bitumen had been laid but it began to melt when the temperature reached 35 degrees and over.

“This caused wet bitumen to be spread over the many thousands of cars and trucks which traversed these highways.

“Without any remediation work being done, the line marking work was undertaken, even after I alerted the issue to the Minister directly.

“On 02nd March in Parliament I asked the Minister what measures had been taken to ensure these circumstances do not reoccur.

“The Minister admitted the contractor did not lay the ‘appropriate seal’ which therefore resulted in the road melting, however he could not confirm whether the issue had been rectified.

“It is disappointing that such a significant road development is not being appropriately managed to ensure the highway is to an appropriate standard,” said Mr Pederick.

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