Volunteer Firefighters, Workers Compensation

Mr PEDERICK ( Hammond ) ( 14:55 :25 ): My supplementary is to the Premier. In reference to the Premier's commitment to the member for Frome to undertake a review of providing equal cancer compensation for CFS volunteers, at what stage is this review?

Members interjecting:

he Hon. J.R. RAU ( Enfield—Deputy Premier, Attorney-General, Minister for Justice eform, Minister for Planning, Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Minister for ndustrial Relations) (14:55:05): We like to keep the element of surprise so that you never know who will pop up.

The SPEAKER: The Spanish Inquisition.

he Hon. J.R. RAU: The situation is this: there was an undertaking given by the government to the member for Frome that there would be a serious piece of work done which would involve the member for Frome and my other ministerial colleague, the Minister for Police and Emergency Services obviously, looking at what alternatives might exist to some of the proposals that have been floated around and what solution might be found—

Members interjecting:

The Hon. J.R. RAU: I have just been checking but the sands through the hourglass haven't quite reached six months yet but we are working on this matter and, indeed, can I say—

The Hon. J.J. Snelling interjecting:

The SPEAKER: The Minister for Health is called to order.

The Hon. T.R. Kenyon: He's been doing it all day, sir, I’m very glad you did that.

The SPEAKER: The member for Newland for pointing that out, I warn him for the first time.

The Hon. J.R. RAU: We are working this through and in fact just to tell you how current this is, there was to have been a meeting between minister Brock, minister Piccolo and myself yesterday to talk about—

The SPEAKER: Minister for Regional Development and police minister would be good.

The Hon. J.R. RAU: Indeed, both of them indeed, to talk about this very matter, but due to the fact of me being required here, and I think from memory one of the other ministers had a problem, we weren't able to have a meeting and have a chat about this matter. But it is at that pointy end that we are reaching at the moment, so I expect that we will have something to report back publicly very soon.

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