Weatherill Labor Government must reinstate funding to ABA

The Weatherill Labor Government must reinstate $100,000 in annual funding to the Advisory Board of Agriculture (ABA).

The Advisory Board of Agriculture (ABA) has been dedicated to excellence in agriculture and the promotion of primary production as a career for the past 125 years, but the Weatherill Labor Government ceased funding to the Board from July 2012.

During the recent state election campaign, the State Liberals committed to reinstating $100,000 funding per year to the Advisory Board.

However, Labor has not committed to reinstating funding as part of its minority government agreement with Independent Member for Frome, Geoff Brock.

“The agriculture sector is a significant contributor to the State’s economy, providing over $5 billion in state revenue annually and 32,000 direct jobs,” said Liberal Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick.

“Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock must explain whether or not he supports reinstating funding to the ABA.

“The Weatherill Labor Government has neglected regional South Australia for 12 years.

“On the other hand, the State Liberals understand the importance of our regions, including our primary producers, and the importance of providing them with the support they need.

“It is vital that we support our regional communities to create jobs and drive productivity to grow our State’s economy.”

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