Environment and Food Production Area to include Rural City of Murray Bridge & Alexandrina Council

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick is appalled by the Weatherill Labor Government’s lack of consultation with the Rural City of Murray Bridge (RCMB) and Alexandrina Council in relation to the Environment and Food Production Area (EFPA).

“I was only recently advised that area’s encompassing the RCMB and Alexandrina Council would be included in a newly proposed Environment and Food Production Area,” said Mr Pederick.

“This information only came to light well into the debate of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill.

“This is simply outrageous.

“It means, as advised by a Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure document, that: “no new allotments can be created for residential purposes; and no new allotments can be created for any other purpose without concurrence of the Planning Commission.”

When questioned about this in parliamentary debate, quote;

Mr Pederick: “Also, I just want some more clarity around whether this new food protection boundary matches the legislative requirements of the character preservation zones?”

Hon. John Rau MP: “Basically, it does. If you want to take the practical effect of it, it is.”

“After repeated questioning, Planning Minister John Rau advised Parliament that consultation with the State LGA had been undertaken in relation to the positioning of these boundaries, yet no consultation with affected local government areas has taken place,” said Mr Pederick.

“The affected Councils in my electorate are unaware of what impacts this boundary will present their communities.

“Development of our community does not need to be constricted by another layer of red tape as there are already measures in place to manage growth.

“Both Council areas have a fast growing population of which needs development to cater for its future requirements.

“Once again, we see the lack of consultation with the community, by the Weatherill Labor Government, especially in regards to future growth potential.”

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