ESL hikes continue to hurt South Australians

South Australians living in the Hammond electorate continue to be incensed by the Weatherill Labor Government’s exorbitant increases to the Emergency Services Levy.

“I have had farmers ringing my office outraged that their bill has increased by over 600 per cent,” said Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick.

“South Australians are already struggling with cost of living increases – this savage increase is just another hit to South Australians’ hip-pockets.

“Jay Weatherill’s decision to foist huge increases in the ESL on South Australian families and business after concealing his plan before the State Election shows the Premier has lost touch with the financial struggles of ordinary South Australians.

“What is just as outrageous is that not one cent of these increases will be going towards emergency services in South Australia.

“Jay Weatherill is desperately trying to blame his decision to double and triple the ESL this year on federal budget cuts that are largely four years away.

“It’s time for the Weatherill Labor Government to stop blaming the Federal Government and take responsibility for its decisions.
“The State Liberals have launched a petition against the Weatherill Government’s massive ESL hikes.

“State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has said that if Geoff Brock and Martin Hamilton-Smith switched their support tomorrow, we would immediately reverse these increases.

“We encourage any South Australian outraged at these ESL increases to sign the State Liberals’ petition and send a message to he Weatherill Labor Government.”

The State Liberals’ petition can be signed at

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