Federal backing to combat the New Zealand/Long-nosed Fur Seals

Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick has been informed by local Federal colleague, Tony Pasin MP, that the Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt MP has indicted that the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act has no jurisdiction over action being taken in regards to a sustainable harvest of the New Zealand/Long-nosed fur seals.

“In the last few years the seals have become a major issue and have been wreaking havoc in the Lakes and Coorong,” said Mr Pederick.

“I knew something had to be done which is why I introduced another motion, calling on the State Government to immediately identify and implement an overabundant native species management plan and to include a sustainable harvest of the New Zealand/Long-nosed fur seals.

“Recently it has been outlined that there is no Federal impediment for the State Government not to take action.

“The Commonwealth EPBC Act does not affect the fur seals which have invaded the Coorong and Lakes.

“Real action needs to be taken by Minister Hunter and the State Government, before it’s too late.

“We have not seen the implementation of any deterrents in the Coorong and Lakes, all we have seen is fee relief and viewing platform proposals.

“After the millennium drought, this is the last thing the Coorong and Lakes need.

“Those in my electorate and beyond are tired of seeing the State Government’s inaction.

“The Ngarrindjeri’s totems, the environment, birdlife, fish stocks, and the fishing industry don’t need to keep suffering at the hands of Minister Hunter and the State Labor Government.”

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