Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (16:01): I rise today to speak about all the magnificent funding that has come to the seat of Hammond since winning government in 2018. After spending 12 years in opposition and some of my friends spending 16 years in opposition, it is so nice to see some money focused in the regions and in my seat of Hammond, and I want to go through some of those funding commitments.

We had the Milang butter factory facade restoration of $20,000. Bremerton Wines recently received $400,000 for their beautiful upgrade. Lake Breeze Wines is just the same, with $300,000 on their barrel room upgrade, which is a fantastic venue, and I was there recently. The Eastern Fleurieu School, Langhorne Creek, had a $3 million upgrade that will bring vastly improved school rooms, new school rooms, to update the school, and those rooms are much needed for the school in that beautiful area of Langhorne Creek.

The Callington Recreation Community Centre received $197,500. Monarto Safari Park received $4.55 million, alongside around $10 million of federal money, with $40 million coming in by private investment from Gerry Ryan, the head of Jayco, and a hotel is being built as we speak. The Old Murray Bridge upgrade is receiving $36 million so that the bridge that was built and finished in 1879 can go on well into the decades.

We have infrastructure funding of $14 million surrounding the upgrade of Thomas Foods, which is vital community infrastructure, to assist putting in road train access, gas access, power access and water access. The Gifford Hill racecourse at Murray Bridge receives $7.5 million for upgrades to get them into the training stalls and the uphill sand track.

The Murray Bridge Soldiers' Memorial Hospital emergency department received $7 million, with $3 million for the operating theatre upgrade, which are fantastic upgrades for health at Murray Bridge. The $20 million Murray Bridge High School upgrade will open in the near future, bringing that year 7 upgrade into Murray Bridge High School.

Murray Bridge North Primary School, just opposite my office, has received $5 million; Murray Bridge Regional Rowing Centre, fantastic for everyone involved in the rowing club, $360,000; Murray Bridge swimming pool upgrade, $1 million; Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass Planning Study, $5 million; and Murray Bridge to South East Links business case, which includes looking at the duplication of the Swanport Bridge, $5 million.

In addition, the Beston Foods' Jervois plant upgrade has received $2.5 million to assist with the development of the lactoferrin plant; Tailem Bend netball courts, $99,350; Tailem Bend CFS station, over $1 million; Karoonda swimming pool, $1.6 million; Karoonda Districts Football Club upgrade, $258,000; Lameroo swimming pool regeneration, $850,000; Zerella Fresh Parilla Potatoes new packing facility, $2 million; and the Browns Well Highway and Ngarkat Highway upgrade to bring it back to 110 kilometres an hour, $42 million.

The Kalimna Hostel redevelopment at Strathalbyn received $3 million; Strathalbyn and District Aged Care Facility upgrade, $16 million; Mannum Community College new STEM building, CAD lab and senior school upgrade, $3.9 million; and the Eastern Fleurieu School Strathalbyn Campus upgrade, $1.8 million. There has been $350,000 for the new underground electricity line into the town of Bowhill, and this also assisted Bowhill Engineering, which makes those great overpasses, apart from other great engineering feats, for the Darlington interchange and other areas, especially the South Road upgrade.

All these works go alongside around a billion dollars’ worth of private investment going on in Hammond as we speak. The place is booming. We have seen $45 million of private investment go into the new Bridgeport Hotel; Costa Mushrooms, $90 million; and Ingham's chickens, $50 million for their feed mill and over a million dollars for every shed that goes in. The list goes on and on. It is just fantastic to see this co-investment, and Thomas Foods, one of the big ones, with $300 million to ensure food processing well into the future.

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