Gender Identity & Equity Bill: Political correctness gone mad

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick believes the Gender Identity & Equity Bill is taking Legislation to an extreme level and doesn’t agree with its entirety.

“The Bill is expected to delete the word “woman” when referring to pregnancy and replace it with “person” meaning the person will be pregnant not a woman,” said Mr Pederick.

If the Bill were to pass in its current form other amendments would include; women in labour to be referred to as “someone” in labour.

“Does this now imply that the “Women’s and Children’s Hospital” is now discriminatory and its name must be changed to; “The Person’s and Children’s hospital?”

“I have learnt a great deal since the announcement of the Gender Identity and Equity Bill and through my research I am certain to say that no genetically born male has ever fallen pregnant and given birth to a child.

“I do not condone discrimination in any form, however judging from the majority of South Australia’s commentary in response to this Bill, it is clear a “person” being pregnant is not agreed to.

“I consider altering the title of a “woman” being pregnant to a “person” as discriminatory towards all past, present and future generations of women.

“Pregnant women deserve to be recognised for this important creation of life and I believe these amendments are simply outrageous,” said Mr Pederick.

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