Globe Link

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick is in full support of the Marshall Liberal Team’s recently announced ‘Globe Link’ policy, which would see a generational upgrade to South Australia’s road and rail network.

“If implemented, Globe Link would provide countless benefits not only to my Electorate of Hammond, but to South Australia and Australia as a whole,” said Mr Pederick.

“Globe Link would increase safety and provide a quieter neighbourhood for Adelaide Hills residents by diverting freight from the area.

“The innovative upgrade would reduce congestion in the Adelaide Hills and Metropolitan suburbs, through the development of a dual freight bypass which diverts trucks and trains around the Adelaide Hills.

“Along with the bypass and changes to rail networks, Globe Link will involve a major development with the construction of a 24 hour freight only airport at Monarto.

“Having such a significant development within the Hammond Electorate would provide enormous employment opportunities for our future generations.

“Globe Link would provide transport solutions, employ thousands, increase safety and deliver significant economic benefits to the region.

“As an involved Local Member, I am fully supportive of the Globe Link proposal and I look forward to support from all levels of Government and the private sector for this project,” said Mr Pederick.

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