Government not serious about Fruit Fly

On Thursday 18th September 2014, Liberal Member for Hammond and Chair of the State Liberals’ Regional Affairs Committee, Adrian Pederick, introduced a motion in Parliament for Mypolonga to be included in the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone (FFEZ).

However the Weatherill Labor Government is attempting to amend the motion which will only recognise the importance of the Mypolonga fruit fly tracking grid.

“It is obvious that the Weatherill Labor Government will not support the motion,” Mr Pederick said.

“They intend on keeping with the status quo and are not interested in assisting the Mypolonga growers.

“Mypolonga is currently only regarded as a Fruit Fly Free Area, unlike their neighbours in the Riverland who are in a Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone.

“This means that Mypolonga growers do not receive the same support. They also have a higher risk of exposure and access to some markets may be limited.

“Proactive locals have been fortunate to secure a grant from Horticultural Australia Limited to fund the Mypolonga Fruit Fly Trapping Grid for a three year period, but have received no government funding.

“It has been stated by many that South Australia can be proud to be the only state or territory on mainland Australia that remains fruit fly free.

“However, if fruit fly were to break out in Mypolonga it is only a short distance away from entering the Riverland Fruit Fly Free Zone.

“With the outbreak of fruit fly in the Riverland in February this year, I would think that the Weatherill Labor Government would be doing everything it could to prevent a disaster in this industry.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to explain why it will not include Mypolonga in the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone, especially given that it is located on the back door of the Riverland. 

“If an outbreak happens, the entire State’s Horticulture industry is at risk and the Weatherill Labor Government will have no one else to blame except themselves.”

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