Hammond to receive Boating Facilities Funding

Hammond is set to receive funding for two projects under the South Australian Boating Facilities Fund.

The two projects in Hammond are:

  • Dickson’s Reserve Tailem Bend – construction of a multipurpose floating pontoon.
  • Avoca Dell Reserve Bank Reclamation and Erosion Control. This project includes increasing car parking and upgrading the existing single lane boat ramp to a new dual lane boat ramp.

Mr Pederick said “It is vitally important for the region that our recreational boating facilities are upgraded for all river users. Boating and recreation on the River Murray is an important part of our economy and provides jobs and supports small business.”

“The construction of a floating pontoon at Dickson Reserve will allow easier access to the River for rowers and other water users”.

“The works planned at Avoca Dell Reserve will ensure more capacity at the Reserve for recreational boating enhancing the tourism experience within the region”.

For the Dickson’s Reserve project the Marshall Liberal Government is providing $125,000 of the total cost of $242,785 and for the Avoca Dell project $450,000 of the total cost of $863,293.

The Marshall Liberal Government is working with the Coorong District Council and the Rural City of Murray Bridge to provide recreational boating facilities upgrades.

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