Labor Government increases ESL again

The Weatherill Labor Government are at it again, announcing another increase to the Emergency Services Levy on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately this ESL grab doesn’t stop with homeowners; the rise in the levy will also impact businesses, farmers, sporting clubs, community organisations, churches and independent schools,” said Liberal Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick.

“The Labor Government cannot justify taking this money, given that South Australia is set to receive an additional $857 million in unbudgeted GST revenue from the Federal Government.

“The Weatherill Government is doing nothing but burdening already struggling South Australians with another tax hike that will raise an extra $20 million per year for the Government.

“A State Liberal Government will return the ESL remission that Mr Weatherill and Mr Koutsantonis cruelly removed last year and provide South Australians with much needed tax relief.

“The Weatherill Government needs to stop playing politics and start listening to South Australians

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