Local Members approach Minderoo Foundation to pitch Harrogate Water project

Local Members of Parliament have contacted the Minderoo Foundation in the hope that private funds might be committed to the construction of a reticulated water supply to Harrogate.

Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond, said he had written to the Minderoo Foundation with Dan Cregan MP, to seek a meeting in relation to the issue.
“I have been working with Dan to have SA Water cost the project. Their advice is that extending the high pressure main to Harrogate from Woodside is likely to cost in the order of at least $2.4 million.  I am also working with all concerned on the possibility of installing a high-volume tank system at Harrogate to ensure fire water is always on hand.”
Dan Cregan MP, Member for Kavel, said he had hosted Andrew Forrest and Minderoo Foundation representatives in Woodside with Minister for Environment and Water, Hon David Spiers MP, and was keen to put the project to the Foundation for possible funding.
Contact: Adrian Pederick 0429 692 921
“A reticulated water supply in Harrogate would help future-proof the town. I am working closely with Adrian as the Local Member recognising that a new pipeline would likely need to feed out of our community before getting to where it needs to go.”

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