Marshall will double black spot funding

A Marshall Liberal Government will double black spot funding to make South Australian roads safer and free up congestion, if elected on March 15.

The funding increase will take the total state and federal capital expenditure on black spots in South Australia to $17 million per year.

“Under the Weatherill Labor Government projects are missing out on black spot funding every year because there is not enough funding available,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Our plan is to double state black spot funding to make our roads safer and cut travel times in many areas.

“We will build on the funding provided by the Federal Government every year to make our roads safer and also the hard work that local councils do to identify solutions to dangerous roads.”

The most recently published road crash data released by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, revealed the three worst roads for crashes in metropolitan Adelaide are Main North Road, North East Road and Anzac Highway.

Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Vickie Chapman said the plan to double black spot funding would help lower the number of crashes and delays across South Australia.

“We need to make our roads safer and speed up the transport network,” said Ms Chapman.

“This funding will fix local roads and get our traffic network moving again.

“Unsafe roads can lead to congestion through people waiting for breaks in traffic to turn, and also delays when accidents occur.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will deliver the road upgrades that have been overlooked through twelve years of Mr Weatherill and Labor.”

Member for Hammond, Adrian Pederick, welcomed today's announcement.

“Regional roads will benefit greatly from this increase in funding,” said Mr Pederick.

“For too long, country roads have been neglected under the Weatherill Labor Government.

“Regional areas have been calling for improved roads but the Weatherill Labor Government’s response was to propose lower speed limits in rural South Australia.

“This is nothing more than a band-aid approach from the Weatherill Labor Government rather than dealing with the actual problem.

“The State Liberals pledge to double black spot funding will greatly benefit the regions in South Australia and I welcome this announcement."

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