Outback road maintenance not a priority for Malinauskas Labor Government

The Auditor General’s annual report has revealed that South Australia’s unsealed road maintenance backlog has more than doubled over the past few years from 500km to a whopping 1230km.

Shockingly, while the road maintenance backlog continues to climb it has been revealed that the number of outback road maintenance gangs has reduced with money being reallocated to other projects.

During the Auditor General report examination of regional roads, responsible Minister Geoff Brock confirmed that the number of permanent outback road maintenance crews has reduced from seven to just four.

Minister Brock also admitted that $1 million was snatched from the outback roads budget.

Shadow Minister for Regional Roads, Adrian Pederick, criticised the Malinauskas Labor Government over the shocking move, calling for the reinstatement of the three road gangs.

“I fail to comprehend why the decision was made to reduce the number of outback road maintenance gangs given the increasing road maintenance backlog,” Mr Pederick said.

“If the Malinauskas Labor Government adequately invested in road projects in the first place, we wouldn’t have this situation when money is having to be reallocated from one area of roads to another.

“Geoff Brock should be embarrassed for letting this happen especially when it’s part of his own electorate that is losing out.

“With the road toll almost at 100 lives lost, it’s clear that we need more investment in the regions to keep motorists safe.”

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  • Adrian Pederick