Peter Malinauskas must reverse Labor's public holiday mess and restore traditional names

The Opposition is calling on Peter Malinauskas to admit his mistake and recall Parliament this week for an optional sitting day to fix ridiculous Labor legislation that culls the traditional names of Anzac Day and other public holidays in favour of dates like "25 April". 

In Peter Malinauskas' updated legislation, Labor refused to define April 25, December 25 and January 26 as Anzac Day, Christmas Day and Australia Day.

The Holidays Act 1910 refers to public holidays be their traditional names such as Christmas Day and Anzac Day. However, in the new Public Holidays Bill 2023 the traditional names have been removed by Labor.



Opposition amendments to the Bill, which would have returned public holidays to their traditional names, were rejected by Labor.

Meanwhile, other states refer to public holidays by their traditional names such as Anzac Day, Christmas Day and Australia Day.

"Peter Malinauskas must listen to the community outrage and admit Labor got this one wrong - the Premier must recall Parliament and sort this public holiday mess out," Mr Speirs said. 

"South Australians are suffering through record ramping, overcrowded hospitals, the cost of living crisis and chronic housing shortage, but Peter Malinauskas' priority is cancelling the traditional names of public holidays.

"This is political correctness gone mad." 

Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs, Adrian Pederick, said he has been contacted by dozens of angry veterans.

"The feedback from the veteran community is scathing and it's all directed at Peter Malinauskas," Mr Pederick said.

"Anzac Day falls on April 25, but it's called Anzac Day for a reason. It's a special day to honour those living and those fallen who fought hard for the lives that we are fortunate enough to live today.

"The veterans I've spoken to are angry, upset, hurt, disappointed and shocked that Peter Malinauskas thought it was a good idea to cancel the name Anzac Day in favour of April 25." 

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  • Robbie Thornton
    Thank you for supporting this. Liberals should go hard on this issue. It is vastly unpopular. Peter Malinkaukus ran on a platform of “old fashioned labor” and claimed would not be pushing a progressive (aka woke) agenda. He needs to be reminded of that promise by a strong oppositioin.
  • Adrian Pederick