Mr PEDERICK (Hammond) (11:55): It is with great pride that I rise to speak to the 34th report of the Public Works Committee in relation to the rebuild of the dog fence. What an important motion this is. This is something that has been debated for many years and, thankfully under the Marshall Liberal government, we have been able to auspice $25 million, which is a contribution of $10 million of state money, $10 million of federal government money and $5 million from industry. In the little bit of time that I have, I want to commend the industry for getting behind this scheme—

Mr PEDERICK: No, I'm not complaining. It is something that industry are obviously concerned about and I am glad that they have got on to it. There is an extra levy per head of sheep that is sold. I really want to commend industry because I remember the days, about eight years ago, when we were all working towards getting Primary Producers South Australia, Livestock South Australia and Grain Producers South Australia. There was talk of industry levies coming in to make it work because, quite frankly, through South Australian Farmers Federation membership dropping, the funds just ran out and it basically fell over in the end. I really want to commend the industry.

I want to commend Geoff Power for his absolutely tireless work in lobbying politicians of all colours to make sure we get this bill progressed for the 1,600 kilometres of the 2,150 kilometres of the South Australian section of the dog fence. It is absolutely vital to our industry, vital to the billions of dollars of livestock production in this state, and it is a great project.

I want to comment ever so briefly on people who live north of the fence and station owners, like Sharon Oldfield at Cowarie Station, who I have visited multiple times. She wants to keep up her organic status and cannot use 1080 baits because she is north of the fence. This shows the impact that dogs have on cattle: they pull down calves and that sort of thing. They spend a lot of money and time shooting dogs north of the fence.

I would just like to commend the Public Works Committee and commend the Marshall Liberal government, the federal government and certainly the industry for getting behind this. I commend the motion.

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