SA’s Time Zone to stay as it is

The State Liberals have opposed the Government’s push to move South Australia’s time zone to Eastern Standard Time (EST), resulting in the Weatherill Labor Government formally abandoning its ill-considered push to change the time zone.

“The State Liberals listened to the strong views put forward by people right across the State,” said Liberal Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick.

“We live in a society where technology and electronics are utilised to communicate with other parts of Australia and the world, regardless of time differences.

“South Australia’s time zone has been in place since 1899, and as a State we have always managed to do business, even before the internet.

“I recognise that this shift would have been very frustrating and unorthodox for regional residents.

“Many residents in my electorate were truly concerned of the proposal and how the change would affect their lives.

“This proposal was nothing more than a way to distract the residents of South Australia from bigger issues we face as a State.
“In recent times we have seen thousands of job losses, and instead of time changes, we need the State Government to embark on initiatives that will actually build a positive future for South Australia.

“It is a true shame that this “distraction” cost South Australia at least $90,000 – it is simply outrageous,” said Mr Pederick.

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