State Government are putting Country Road users at risk

Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond, and other members from the Liberal Party expressed their concerns in Parliament regarding the proposal of reducing country roads speed limits to 100 km per hour.

“This is not something you can be uncertain about, considering that it is peoples lives we are talking about.”

The motion was called to a vote in parliament on 18th June and was not moved due to one vote difference.

“Something I don’t think the State Government understands is that its not the people who are travelling at 110km per hour and doing the right thing who are the issue

“Its those who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol or those who drive in a dangerous manner

“That is what the Weatherill Labor Government should be targeting.”

“By reducing the speed by ten kilometres, road users will be driving for longer periods of time, and this can result in frustration and fatigue.”

“The State Government have taken the easy option, but I cannot stress enough that this option is simply nothing other than a short-term fix.”

“You make roads safer by keeping them maintained, not by letting them fall apart and dropping the speed limit, hoping the road toll will reduce.”

“The Liberal Party fully support any approach to make our roads safer, but we do not support measures that target the wrong people in the wrong areas.”

“I believe that this reduction in speed limits is unnecessary, and that the Weatherill Labor Government need to re-think their intentions.”

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